Schrodinger Rover

Schrodinger Rover is a remote controlled model car equipped with a wide range of sensors and sophisticated communication platform

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System components


Controls the movement of the Rover and the Sensor Head


Various sensors and devices connected to a single-board computer sitting on a chassis

Mobile Application

Displays real-time sensor data combined with live video or map


The recorded sensor data is uploaded to the cloud and it can be presented on a web page


Schrodinger Rover is more than just a high-class remote controlled model car. It is able to control and process the data of a wide range of devices mounted to its Sensor Head. Furthermore, with the help of its sophisticated communication platform, it can forward the data to mobile applications for real time monitoring; on the other hand it can upload the data to the could for archivation, playback and detailed analysis.

The flexible architecture and the easy integration with additional sensors and systems make this platform an excellent choice for various application areas.


Night-Vision Camera

High resolution 1080p30 video even in the dark


Provides 2 to 400cm measurement functionality with up to 3mm accuracy


Precision temperature measurement, with a typical accuracy of ±0.25°C


Monitors the status of the battery and the power consumption of the system


The SiRFstarIII™ high performance chipset accepts signals from up to 20 satellites


Measures infrared, full-spectrum and human-visible light

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